Wedding Scent

February 04, 2017

This! Perfume and pleasant smells in general are huge in my book! I remember one of the first times I met my now husband, he had this amazing cologne on and it seriously made me weak in the knees. A guy that has the right amount of cologne (we don’t need to drown in it) can go a long way in my book, and it obviously worked for my hubby 😍.

When planning your wedding day, I think it’s essential to pick out a wedding scent. This will add a special romance to that particular perfume! I absolutely loved wearing my wedding scent anytime I was doing wedding planning, going on a date with my fiancé, and then of course wearing it on the wedding day. Now every time I smell that perfume it immediately brings me back to our engagement, the sweet little dates we’d have planning the wedding, and the overwhelming emotions of the wedding day. There’s been many studies on nostalgic smells, and how a faint fragrance can bring us back to a memory we’ve long forgotten. It’s science guys! So this really is an essential addition to the wedding to-do list. 😜

Loving this article on Vogue – 8 Brides on the Fragrance They Wore Down the Aisle.

Enjoy! 🛍